The Wrecks

Driving scrap

It was difficult for Lovie to come up with a vehicle more challenging to maneuver than the plastic Trabant, better known as the worst car ever made. His answer was to choose cars that were hauled off the road for a reason. Who knows what that reason was; suffice to say they all came from Berlin's finest scrapyards.

Lovie and Tony scoured dozens of these car graveyards for wrecks worthy enough to shunt along the 16,000km of mainly god-awful roads to South Africa. They finally narrowed it down to a collection of three cars which seemed to have just enough life left in them to go the distance. 

The first was a mid-90’s Volkswagen. Despite a stuck window, balding tires and a collapsed rear suspension it seemed to be brave and run strong. 

The second was a poky little Suzuki. Half the size of the average car and hardly fit for a transcontinental adventure this tiny machine seemed destined to fail, but it would get good gas mileage and have many adventures before it did.

Last was the reluctantly chosen French Renault. Though faster and more capacious than the other two, this one appeared to have been buried in the yard for a very, very long time... and the two Americans had not heard good things about French cars.