The Show

All roads lead to Cape Town

The team meets in Berlin where they hastily procure three wrecks from a local scrapyard. Caring more about aesthetics than practicality, the only modification completed before the team sets off is a fancy new paint job.

Packed shoulder-to-shoulder for long stinky hours, tensions skyrocket as the adventurous gaggle find themselves at their wit’s end. There are no upmarket hotels, dinners out or sightseeing tours. Nothing is pre-arranged and to make matters even more challenging there’s no "GPS"; the entire team has one map, forcing them to rely on their logistical skills and teamwork.

However as Lovie's schedule and budget fly out the window, successful teamwork begins to seem unlikely. Their tight budget often sees the ragtag group sleeping in the bush, eating questionable “melon soup” and haggling with locals for everything they need. If this wasn't enough they also struggle with their cars blowing up and are robbed and left abandoned in the Sahara desert.

Indeed, it seems the closer the motley crew creep to Cape Town, the more that goes wrong. As they band together for the final push, team members start coming down with malaria, losing passports and even holing up in an Africa prison.

The question becomes: will team Wreck Trek manage to pull it all together and complete the 16-country journey or will they find themselves strewn across Africa, destitute and penniless.